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How can I organize the content in a model's gallery page?

All content is displayed under the "Archive" section and organized according to each content's type. However, we recommend that you create albums as a better means of organizing your content.

There are two types of albums: system-wide albums (available in the gallery screen of all models) and private albums (available only in the gallery screen of the models where those albums were created). While system-wide albums such as "Book", "Polaroids" and "Composite" are useful because they are repeated across all models, private albums reflect occasional situations where you would like to store, for instance, all photos taken on a specific model's event.

Creating a system-wide album

System-wide albums can be created under the "Models" tab in Guava's settings. Simply click on "Add album" and write the name of the album you want to add.

Creating a private album

In a model's gallery page, start by selecting the content you wish to organize in a private album regardless of its content type.

Now click on "Add to" and choose the album you want to link the content to.

Alternatively, if the album you want is not listed, click on "New album" to create and name your model's private album.

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